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2022 Smoke Alarm Compliance

Rental property compliance for Landlords and Property Managers in Queensland

Book your upgrade to comply with new regulations in force on 1st of January 2022

The new legislation specifies that all Queensland dwellings must have:

  • Photoelectric Smoke alarms that comply with AS3786:2014.
  • The smoke alarms must interconnect with every other smoke alarm in the dwelling.
  • Alarms must either be hardwired or powered by a non-removable 10-year battery.
  • Installed in all bedrooms, hallways, and between areas containing bedrooms.
  • If there are no bedrooms on a storey, at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling.
  • Alarms cannot be older than 10 years
‘Like for like’ rule: It’s key to note that if replacing an existing smoke alarm, it must be ‘like for like’ i.e. If you currently have a hardwired alarm, this must be replaced with a hardwired alarm. If you are installing an alarm in an area that doesn’t currently have an alarm, this can be either a hardwired or 10-year battery photoelectric alarm – however it must be able to interconnect with all the other alarms in the dwelling.

Why Choose SEQ Smoke Alarms ?

We service and install from Gold Coast , Brisbane to Ipswich and are ready to upgrade your rental property or home today! We work in with Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Landlords and tenants to ensure a smooth upgrade to comply with the new 2022 Smoke Alarm Legislation. Our team have all your Smoke Alarm needs covered. All installations are carried out by our experienced Technicians and Electricians, boasting decades of experience can ensure your home, investment property, business, etc. is compliant with Smoke Alarms and the new 2022 legislation. We are ready to upgrade your rental property Dwellings Being Leased or Sold to comply with the 2022 Queensland Smoke Alarm legislation today.

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