Red Wireless Smoke Alarm Controller

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Finally a way to silence alarms in the middle of the night. Instantly silence alarms that are going off, instantly locate which alarm is false alarming. Allows the occupants to deal with false alarms – instantly and easily. Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall.

Exclusive to Red Smoke Alarms

10 years warranty

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  • A 10 year battery powered, (no wiring required) wireless Smoke Alarm Controller that connects with Red wireless smoke alarms.
  • 10 years warranty
  • One wall mounted switch with three functions – test, locate and silence. You can instantly silence alarms that are going off and instantly locate which alarm is false alarming. In any property with interconnected smoke alarms – the Controller provides an effective, quick and simple way to silence the alarms.
  • With rental properties in Queensland now requiring interconnected alarms – no property should have their smoke alarms upgraded without including the Smoke Alarm Controller. This provides tenants a simple way to silence alarms, reduces maintenance call -outs and limits damage to the smoke alarms by the tenants.
  • The R10RF smoke alarm is approved and certified to meet AS3786:2014 and is fully compliant to meet the Queensland 2022 smoke alarm legislation.
  • The Red Smoke Alarm Controller can connect wirelessly to this smoke alarm.


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